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About Us

About Us

Best SOLAR Energy Provider

With Years of Experience Renewable Energy Industry
UNITRONIX GLOBAL CO. LIMITED Is A renewable Energy technology services company. A purely owned Nigerian company, We are a renewable based company registered in Nigeria under Corporate Affair Commission (C.A.C) with registration RC. 1496099 It is a union of professionals who have distinguished themselves in project execution and management with thrust Off Grid Solar Inverter, On/Off Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter, Grid-Tie Solar Inverter, High Frequency Power Inverter, Low Frequency Power Inverter, Car Power Inverter, Solar Charge Controller, Solar Panel, Online UPS, Batteries, Solar Lighting System, Solar Power System etc. With the early success recorded in project execution and delivery, the scope was expanded to embrace the entire life span of a project beginning from ideas generation to innovation, implementation and management. We have sustained this multi-disciplinary structure through partnerships, alliances and memorandum of understanding across the board. This system of one-stop consultancy shop enhances quality, reduces cost and ensures timely delivery.
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UNITRONIX is one of the leading backup and renewable energy companies in Nigeria. We are an indigenous Limited Liability company with years of experience in the renewable energy business. We design and integrate solutions that cut across all levels of energy demand; ranging from small households solar hybrid systems to mini solar grid systems for rural electrification and industrial power backup

  • Our Philosophy
  • Our Mision
  • Our Vision
  • Our Values
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  • Our Team

To provide effective and responsive approach that aims at providing cost-effective outcomes for clients and the community, together with the flexibility to supply dedicated teams for all projects irrespective of size and value.

Optimal customer satisfaction in every UNITRONIX Experience.

To remain committed to providing innovative, cost effective, environmentally friendly and reliable power and renewable energy solutions to every Nigerian

In UNITRONIX, integrity is our watch word, Client needs and satisfaction is our core value, the passion for swift/quick delivery of standard and quality jobs is our attitude.









Our corporate strategy has always addressed the best method for quality and efficient service delivery, reward for good and safe performance and the fostering of productive team spirit among staff and other stakeholders. To this extent, our focus is always placed on the following;

INTERGRITY:We conduct all business with the highest ethical practices.

QUALITY:We deliver services that are fit for purposes and exceed customer expectations.

CUSTOMER:We are customer-focused and seek to create value for our customers.

ONE TEAM:We are all part of one team with an overall company focus, and we do what is best for the greater good of the organization.

ACCOUNTABILITY:We give responsibility, authority, tools and resources to our employees, then demand quality performance.

RESPECT FOR INDIVIDUALS:We respect each individual by giving fair and consistent treatment to all persons regardless of background, experience, education, race, religion, gender, national origin, capability, sexual orientation and age.

SAFE WORK ENVIROMENT:We strive to create a safe work environment by encouraging employees to be proactive versus reactive on all safety issues.We have professionals with decades of experience and expertise waiting to guide you through the design, planning, sourcing, and packaging of all the materials you need from start to finish.

The maximization of the efficient use and application of available resources.

Operation of transparent and mutually rewarding contract relationships with customers.

A continuous review of performance and implementation of new plans as an ultimate objective of advancing and satisfying costumer’s needs and interests.

Application of effective contract management procedures and cost effective methods to generate required results and good value for money.

Structuring and organizing more flexible system with capacity to respond to ever changing operational needs and exigencies.Sustaining planned safety tasks and targets.

Ours is a well established corporate outfit with versatile exposition and well oriented staff with high spirit of management and inter personal relationships. We have core team of competent and experienced hands who have worked with notable construction companies in Nigeria. Therefore, guaranteeing a high quality products and work to satisfy our client.

Whats Are Reasons


Are you tired of paying Electricity Bills even when there's low supply compared to the charges monthly? or you want to backup your power supply in place of generators and also save up 80% on your bills? We provide you With affordable cost and Flexible Payment Plan, you can enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted power supply in your Homes and Offices with limited maintenance for about 4 - 8 years after installations. We offer One (1) Year Free Maintenance & One (1) Year Warranty on any of our product and services. Our service range is from 800Va to 10Mw capacity
NOTE: Installation & supplies can be done anywhere within Nigeria.
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Why US

The future is green energy, It is Realiable & cost effective

Solar Energy Investments Pay for Themselves over a short period, providing high return on investment within a short time. That is why organizations and businesses across Africa are reducing their energy costs using solar energy technology – Shouldn’t you do the same? with the professional ability of technology and has produced many modern solar components.


UNITRONIX provides a complete range of solar PV system to suit every household from a room appartment to a duplex and Estate.
we provide these solutions in part and in full to suit any home, encourage customers pace within budget


Take control of your energy costs with Nigeria’s #1 solar provider. We deploy highest quality solar PV systems that produce clean sustainable solar power for your business. We stand by our work long aer our systems are deployed and you’ve turned on the power,
We are Ready To Turn Your Dreams Into A REALITY

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Take control of your energy costs with Nigeria’s #1 solar provider. We deploy highest quality solar PV systems that produce clean sustainable solar power for your business.
Your Detail will be maintained confidentially
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