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Solar Basics

Solar Basics

Types of Solar Rooftop Power Systems

A typical rooftop solar power system has electricity-generating photovoltaic panels, commonly known as solar panels, on top of a house or building. But there is much more to it…
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On-Grid System or Grid-tied System

A grid-tied solar panel system is simply a solar energy system that is connected to the electrical grid and, therefore, uses electricity from both the solar panel system and the electrical grid. Because of this, a grid-tied solar system doesn’t have to meet all of the electricity demands of the home. If needed, the home can draw energy from the grid at times (such as on cloudy days or at night) when solar panels are not producing at full efficiency. Likewise, if more energy than is needed is generated by the solar panels of one home, that excess energy will be fed into the grid for use elsewhere.

Off-Grid System

These systems store the electricity produced by conversion in batteries and utilise the stored energy by converting it back to AC as and when required. The rising cost of other power sources and the increasing demand of electricity, especially in high power cut or no grid areas, has resulted in increased demand for such systems. The reduction in battery prices over the years has further brought the system cost down.
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How It Work

During the day the photovoltaic cells (solar cells) absorb light and convert it to DC electricity. This electricity is then fed down to the Inverter that converts the electricity to 230v AC, which is then usable by your home and/or business. Unlike solar hot water, solar power panels work on light and not heat which seems to be a common misconception. Solar panels will actually become less effective when it gets hotter


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  • 4:solar Gel batteries

Advantages of Solar Energy

Did you know that the energy sun provides to the earth for one hour could meet the global energy needs for one year? Undoubtedly, the sun is a powerful energy source, and even though we are not able but to collect a fraction of this energy, yet harnessing this power by installing solar panels can make a significant difference to the planet. While it has been widely criticised for being expensive or inefficient, solar energy has now proved to be extremely beneficial - not only for the environment but also for private economy.
  • Clean
  • Silent
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Sustainable
  • Abundant
  • Low Maintenance
Whats Are Reasons


Are you tired of paying Electricity Bills even when there's low supply compared to the charges monthly? or you want to backup your power supply in place of generators and also save up 80% on your bills? We provide you With affordable cost and Flexible Payment Plan, you can enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted power supply in your Homes and Offices with limited maintenance for about 4 - 8 years after installations. We offer One (1) Year Free Maintenance & One (1) Year Warranty on any of our product and services. Our service range is from 800Va to 10Mw capacity
NOTE: Installation & supplies can be done anywhere within Nigeria.
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You are more than aware of the trials and tribulations of using generators to power your home or business on a day-to-day basis. The expense, the maintenance, and the inefficiency will all be familiar problems to you. These generators, on the other hand, have to be kept running continually even when supply demands are light or intermittent, in order to produce an uninterrupted flow of electricity. More so, a generator only runs at a single speed, so no matter how few the devices it is powering, the amount of fuel used will approximately be the same, costing more over the longer term. This high cost of energy is crippling businesses due to their heavy reliance on diesel generators, and is estimated to add between 30 to 40% to the cost of goods and services. Thus, installing a Solar Power System at your premises is the single best investment any home or business can make. To learn how you can save money with solar energy, contact us now.
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Useful Tips When Installing Solar

  • Identify the hours that your solar works the best (speak to us) and try to use your heavy usage appliances during these times.
  • Use as much power during the day as possible
  • Run your air-conditioners through the day to cool your house down instead of during the evening.
  • Reduce evening consumption where possible and use appliances and lighting such as LED bulbs or Energy Saving bulbs.
  • Replace any old fridges and faulty appliances where possible.
  • Run your pool pump on the peak tari

Go Green!!!

With Solar powered grid green energy is actualized. That is energy which is clean with no waste or harmful byproduct.

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